Enhoy the Moment That You Have on Minnesota and Wisconsin for winter thrills

Though it may be tempting to escape to the sunshine this winter, there’s a lot to be said for revelling in the snow and ice, too. And there’s plenty of beautiful (and bracing) backcountry to explore in northern Minnesota and neighbouring Wisconsin.

As Minnesota gears up for February’s Super Bowl, all eyes are on the state. So, whether you want to whiz across frozen lakes on a snowmobile or wander the woodland on snowshoes, we take a look at the wintry delights the region has to offer. Just make sure you don’t skimp on the thermals.

For downhill childish thrills: snow tubing
Who’d have thought that hurtling down a hill at speed in, what amounts to, a big fat rubber doughnut, could be so thrilling – and terrifying? You don’t need hi-tech gear, or even a whisker of skill – just a gutsy streak.

Try it: Spirit Mountain is a 15-minute drive from Duluth, Minnesota. It has three groomed lanes and a draglift to hoik you up the hill. All you have to do is sit tight until you get to the top and then scream your way to the bottom.
It might look leisurely but cross-country skiing is a full-on aerobic workout, and if you’re new to it you’ll rapidly discover muscles you didn’t know you had.

Minnesota and Wisconsin offer some of the best cross-country skiing in the USA, with hundreds of kilometres of trails to explore. There are no ski-lifts, so no ugly chunks of metal blighting the landscape, and no clatter of machinery.

And because you’re not flying downhill at speed there’s time to absorb the crisp beauty of the landscape and appreciate the quietness. Look out for skittish deer among the trees, or even an elusive wolf.